Marco Rubio rips Biden over silence on Cuba protests


Sen. Marco Rubio accused the Biden administration Sunday evening of silence on Cuba after a day of the biggest anti-regime demonstrations in decades.

The Florida Republican had spent much of the day tweeting about 20 videos of protests against the communist dictatorship, and then he noted that President Biden had been maintaining radio silence.

“The people of #Cuba bravely take to the streets against 62 years of socialist tyranny. 12 hours later President @joebiden @POTUS has yet to say a word about it,” Mr. Rubio wrote.

The Cuban-American senator repeated the statement in Spanish moments later.

As of 8:30 p.m. there had been no official comment from the White House or State Department about the day of demonstrations in Cuba calling for “libertad!” and declaring that “we are not afraid.”

The top-ranking administration voice to that point had been the Twitter account of Julie Chung, acting assistant secretary of state for Western Hemisphere affairs, tweets the U.S. Embassy in Cuba reposted in Spanish. 

“We are deeply concerned by ‘calls to combat’ in #Cuba. We stand by the Cuban people’s right for peaceful assembly. We call for calm and condemn any violence,” Ms. Chung’s account posted in one of two tweets, though she apparently did not personally write either of them.









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