Donald Trump says he’s made up his mind about 2024


Former President Donald Trump says his mind is made up about whether he will run for president again in 2024 — but he is not ready to spill the beans.

Asked by Fox News personality Sean Hannity at a prime-time town hall-style event in Texas whether he knows what he plans to do, Mr. Trump responded, “yes.”

The response came after Mr. Hannity was met with cheers when he posed the question to the Trump-friendly crowd of whether they would like Mr. Trump to stage a political comeback.

Mr. Trump, ever the showman, has helped redefine the Republican Party in both style and substance, pushing the GOP to the right on immigration and giving rise to elected leaders and candidates eager to embrace his brand of politics.

He also has been openly flirting with running again for president, while also repeatedly airing unproven claims that the 2020 election was stolen.

Mr. Trump in recent days has reinserted himself into the national conversation.

He held his first campaign-style rally of the 2022 midterm elections cycle over the weekend in Ohio and traveled to the U.S.-Mexico border Wednesday to criticize President Biden’s immigration vision.

Mr. Trump is slated to be in Sarasota over the July 4 weekend to headline a “45 Fest.”

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