Colorado redistricting commission reveals preliminary House, Senate district maps


Preliminary maps for Colorado's redrawn state House and Senate districts were released on Tuesday.

The maps were presented to the Colorado Independent Legislative Redistricting Commission (CILRC) and were drawn up by the commission's staff.

A preliminary map including an 8th Congressional District was presented to the Colorado Independent Congressional Redistricting Commission last week.

This is the first year that the state’s redistricting process has been overseen by two separate entities since voters approved the independent commissions in 2018.

The proposed legislative maps outline the 100 districts that will make up the state’s House of Representatives and Senate. There are 35 Senate Districts and 65 House Districts.

Unlike previous years, the nonpartisan staff will not consider the home addresses of state legislators as they draw the state legislative maps.

Colorado representatives serve two-year terms and can serve no more than four consecutive terms under the state’s constitution. Similarly, senators serve four-year terms and are limited to two consecutive terms.

If the maps were accepted today, seven of the Senate districts would include two incumbents, according to an analysis of the map. Members of the public can use the portal to make comments on the map and submit them for review.

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